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Use the Add to Cart buttons to order items through Paypal. All items are one of a kind, so please do not try to order multiples of any item. The system does not automatically remove an item when it is sold unfortunately, so items will still appear for up to a day after they have been sold. Use the Standard shipping or Internation shipping for overseas, or if your order is all jewelry/beads and will fit in a small box, you can use the Economy Shipping option. I will refund excess money paid for shipping if costs end up being less.To inquire about items or make a purchase by phone please call: (209) 267-9317 or



This database has over 9000 images of items, both available and sold. You can specify a myriad of different search parameters by selecting different criteria in the various categories. A good search to start off with is to just search for a given month in the Date category and leave all other categories at their default settings- this will bring up all of the available pieces that I made during that month. Another example- let's say you are looking for black vases with red decoration. Simply change the Major colors category to Black, the secondary colors category to Reds and hit search. That will bring up all of the available Black and Red pieces. If you then change Sale Status to All it will add all the sold Black and Red pieces. If you change the Item category to Vases it will only bring up the Black and Red vases.


If you are searching for a wedding registry, use the Weddings category to bring up all of the pieces that the bride has indicated that she would be interested in receiving.



All pieces are one of a kind. Every effort will be made to keep the sold pieces duly marked on the website, but mistakes are inevitable, so I apologize in advance if a piece you want is no longer available. E-mail address is and the phone number is (209) 267-9317.

phone: (209) 267-9317 email:
Wed-Fri 11 To 5pm, Sat 10am to 7pm, Sun 10am to 6pm. Other times by appointment
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